Historic Hamlet Redesigned

Master Plan to revitalize a historic hamlet while preserving the natural systems and surrounding environment
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Project Details

The Pottersville Village Historic district, rich with social and environmental history, is a five-acre site that includes the Black River General Store, an old mill, and a post office.

Collaborating with a team of engineers, architects, environmental and traffic consultants, Back to Nature helped to create a master plan for the revitalization of the Pottersville Corner. Back to Nature’s approach targeted positive, long term benefits to natural systems, habitat, river and water quality, alternative stormwater practices, and interpretive signage. Using regenerative and sustainable practices, Back to Nature has helped elevate the vision for this project beyond its current course towards LEED certification.

While this project is still under review, it is an example of how Back to Nature works with clients to assemble the most knowledgeable, seasoned team to develop a plan that takes into consideration the health of the environment and community

Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) is a sensitive native found on the proposed site.

Taking a targeted approach, plans focused on LEED certification and the long term benefits and preservation of natural systems, habitat, river and water quality, and alternative stormwater practices.

Design Objectives

  • Design theme based on historic uses of the property and surrounding property.
  • Human-scaled site layout intended to encourage a mix of uses, pedestrian use and comfort, interesting and active streetscape, community use of amenities including an eco-park.
  • Uses to include a mix of residential, retail, office and/or community space.
  • Preservation of open space.
  • Consistent and interpretive signage.
  • Alternative stormwater practices.
  • Ecological restoration including wetlands and riparian corridor


Woodland Restoration